Fun Fly Fishing Facts

1. Like Regular Fishing But not Quite

Fly fishing is a recreational activity that is surrounded with enigmatic terms and somewhat eccentric methods of accomplishing the plausibly simple task of removing fish, especially trout, from a river. But a deeper look into the classic activity reveals a remarkable sport that requires scientific approach and artistic touch to perform well.

Although there are many striking similarities to other types of fishing (for example like sport fishing), especially in the final goal, it is the subtle differences in the specialized techniques, equipment and approach to the activity that make all the difference.

Unlike baited hooks that are more common, fly fishing is all about the highly developed science of creating a lure that imitates the actual diet of the fish being caught — right down to the day’s specialties.

These lures, better known as “flies” are fashioned after the very bugs and animals that might be found that day, thus increasing the deception of the poly. The trick is completed with the deft skill with which fly fishing savants (Anglers) wield their instruments in flickers of swift hand eye coordination.

2. Like a Sport, But also Like an Art form

The activity is sure to spark an instant opinion. Many think it is a poor way to spend your time, even as far as fishing goes. Much like golf, darts or archery, it will take tenacious patience, time and endless commitment to practice before the subtle and glorious rewards begin to make themselves apparent.

But when they do you will be engaged in an experience that many enthusiasts describe as almost ZEN-like. Where the mind and body are perfectly synched to a single objective that is dancing in the gentle currents and waiting for a chance to make your acquaintance

Some might say, “yeah, but it’s still just fishing”. This would be equivalent to placing the Mona Lisa on par with an ordinary painted wall; they fail to factor in the skill and artistic content involved with the activity.

3. Types of Fly Fishing

As with every highly developed human activity, there are a large number of techniques that fly fishers (better known as anglers) use. Terms like wet-fly fishing and the use of streamers, nymphs and emergers describe various methods that can be applied.

But to those who like to get technical about the terminology, there is only one “correct” form of fly fishing, “dry-fly” fishing. This method is so called because, if done right, the “fly” will not fall below the surface of the water— quite a trick to master, I’m sure.

Dry-Fly Anglers will wade out into the water, waist if necessary, looking for the best spot for upstream fishing. Much like a hunter they will take a careful account of the current conditions of the fishing spot including bugs flying about, wind speeds, current speeds and then select their specific gear accordingly.

This will help them complete the inconspicuous approach, successfully disguising their presence and presenting their quarry with the most suitable choice of food bits for the day. With practice and attention to detail, anglers can orchestrate an impressive catch. If you have questions, make sure to contact us.

Catch A Big One!

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